Yaniv Berman



December, 2021

Underwater treasure: 1,700-year-old coins among shipwrecked items found off Caesarea

Divers’ discoveries include gold ring with green gemstone carved with Christian image of the ‘Good Shepherd’ – an early depiction of Jesus – and carved image of ‘David’s Harp’

November, 2021

Impressive cemetery dating from the time of the Sanhedrin

Remains of a building from the time of the Sanhedrin have been uncovered in Yavne for the first time, the Israel Antiques Authority said Monday. Yavne, in the central plain, is the ancient city where the supreme Jewish legislative assembly relocated to escape the destruction of the capital Jerusalem and the Second Temple in 70 CE.


November, 2021

Rare Silver Coin likely Minted in the Temple

A rare 2,000-year-old silver coin was found by an 11-year-old girl in Jerusalem. The coin was likely minted by a priest who joined the Jewish rebels in the revolt ahead the Romans, shortly before the Temple was destroyed.

October, 2021

An Archaeological Sensation in Yavne: The Largest Wine Factory in the World – from the Byzantine Period

The wine produced in Yavne gained international fame and reached Europe and Africa. Everyone knew that this was a product from the Holy Land and wanted more and more of this wine. The wine was a white wine and named for the ports of Gaza and Ashkelon where the wine was sent for export.

August, 2021

Archaeologists discovered in Jerusalem evidence of an earthquake that is mentioned in the Bible

According to the researchers: "The earthquake that occurred in the middle of the 8th century BCE was probably one of the strongest and most damaging earthquakes in ancient times".

July, 2021

The missing section of the First temple city wall of Jerusalem was exposed at the City of David

Archaeological excavations in the City of David National Park have uncovered the remains of the city wall, which was built during the Iron Age – the days of the First Temple in the Kingdom of Judah, to protect Jerusalem from the east.

July, 2020

Magnificent building from Second Temple-period Jerusalem will be presented

Part of the structure, to the west of Wilson’s Arch and the Temple Mount, was discovered and documented by Charles Warren in the nineteenth century, followed by various archaeologists in the twentieth century. Nt contained two identical magnificent chambers with an elaborate fountain between them.

March, 2021

Thrilling finds have been uncovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the Judean Desert

The national project of surveying the caves of the Judean Desert and their excavation is undertaken in desert caves and ravines since 2017, by the Israel Antiquities Authority, in cooperation with Staff Officer of the Archaeology Department of the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, and funded by the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage. Today, its results were first unveiled.

February, 2021

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the health of the Western Wall stones is also being cared for

Pre-Passover conservation work began at the Western Wall during this latest lockdown using injections with the aid of syringes very similar to those used by medical staff.

December, 2020

For the first time finds from the Second Temple Period were revealed at Jerusalem Gethsemane

One of the first archaeological evidences of its kind of Second Temple-period activity at Gethsemane was unearthed near the modern church during archaeological excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority in collaboration with scholars from the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum. A 2000-year-old ritual bath discovered at the site dates from the time of Jesus’s presence in Jerusalem, following Christian belief.

November, 2020

Fortified building from the time of King David discovered on the Golan Heights

 According to the archaeologists, it is probable that the Iron Age fort was manned by the Geshurites, who ruled in the Southern and Central Golan, and carried out diplomatic relations with King David and the Davidic Dynasty.

September, 2020

Kings of Judah Breathtaking Stone Artifacts

A very special collection of several adorned architectural stone artifacts, which were part of a magnificent royal structure from the time of the Kings of Judah. These remarkable findings were uncovered at the Armon Hanatziv promenade during Israel Antiquities Authority excavations.

August, 2020

Unprecedented 4,200-year-old rock art etching of animal herd found in Golan tomb

Article in Asian Archaeology reveals forms of ancient art found in Israel’s Bronze Age burial chambers — from unique herd of horned animals to what may be a first smiley face.

May, 2020

Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old unique complex by the Western Wall

The structure was sealed later in the Byzantine period under the floors of a large building about 1,400 years ago and was left untouched for centuries.

January, 2020

Significant 2,700-year-old administrative storage center uncovered in Jerusalem

Over 120 seal impressions stamped on jars found in the excavations  provide a glimpse into tax collection in the period of the Judean monarchs. 

January, 2020

Giant ancient dolmens in the Golan Heights


July, 2019

A Neolithic 9,000 years Prehistoric city is found near Jerusalem

A sprawling, prosperous Neolithic village dated to 9,000 years ago has been discovered in Motza, at the foot of the Jerusalem hills. The site, featuring dozens of stone houses, grander buildings that may have been temples, and skeletal remains was discovered serendipitously during works ahead of building a new road


November, 2019

Holy Land's oldest church found at Armageddon

In 2005, work to expand the aging Megiddo Prison uncovered the remains of a 3rd century Christian prayer hall, including a mosaic referring to “God Jesus Christ”. The building with the mosaic was excavated, earlier artifacts found, and the site was covered up under the supervision of archaeologists.


May, 2019

Israel recreates 5,000-year-old beer

Archaeologists and microbiologists teamed up to study yeast colonies found in pottery fragments from excavations around the country, including salvage dig in central Tel Aviv, Persian-era palace in southern Jerusalem ansd ancient brewery near Gaza border

November, 2018

Ancient Treasure found in Caesarea

900-year-old Cache of Gold Coins Found in Ancient Israeli City of Caesarea. Treasure was likely hidden before Crusaders seized the city from Muslim Caliphate in 1101. Owner may have been a local trader killed in the massacre of Caesarea’s population by conquering Christians.

April, 2018

Archaeological finds on the Sanhedrin Trail

The Sanhedrin trail, which at c. 70 kilometers is slated to be among the longest trails in Israel.

January, 2018

First Temple Period Signed Piece of Clay Found in Jerusalem.


December, 2017

Remains of a 1,500 year old monastery and church uncovered in Beit Shemesh.


October, 2017

A small, half-built and roofed amphitheatre from 2nd-century Jerusalem has been unearthed during excavations below Judaism’s Western Wall, the first such Roman-era find in the city, Israeli archaeologists said.